"The T & M team is committed to engineering excellence. To achieve this we foster a partnership with our clients. This relationship insures the best solution for your measurements."

DC to 2GHz

From electric cars and robotic welding arms to pulsed power and power generation, we have a CVR for your application. If not, we will design a custom unit to meet your current measuring requirements.

1 joule to 2 Megajoules

Short circuit test CVRs for currents in excess of 500 kiloamps. For testing, calibration, and standardization of circuit breakers, current transformers, and various switching devices.

Shuttles to Comm Sats

Our designs have complied with launch forces, specified by NASA, in support of the shuttle fleet.  Yes, we have gone into space.  T & M's current probes are currently in service aboard satellites.

Nuclear submarine fleet

With custom designs aboard nuclear subs and other military assets, we continue to provide military research facilities with current sensing and measurement devices.

Welcome to T&M Research Products, Inc.

T&M Research Products is the industry leader in the design and fabrication of low inductance, broad bandpass, and fast risetime current viewing resistors.  Our resistance values range from 0.5 Ohm to 10 µOhm and the performance characteristics are measured in Gigahertz and Picoseconds.  We are proud to standby our product and warranty all products against manufactures defects.  Competing in a global market requires us to develop a partnership with all our customers so that we may continue to provide current viewing sensors to meet all demands in an ever progressing technology.

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